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Motorcycle Accidents Serving Dothan, Alabama

A landscape of a grassy palin and blue skyA life member of the Harley Owners Group and a member of both BMW MOA and the BMW Riders Association, Neville has logged hundreds of thousands of miles on motorcycles. Those fresh smells, the wind and the lean fuel the desire to ride. The pleasures of riding motorcycles are what cause us to enter the dangerous world of badly managed automobiles.

In order to represent the seriously injured or brain damaged motorcycle rider who is a victim of a negligent, reckless or impaired driver requires an intimate understanding of what happens on the road. It is necessary to understand the spin the insurance industry wants to put on the bikerider who is the victim of a car crash. The insurance company does not make money paying claims so it will do anything to avoid paying just and adequate compensation to the injured, paralyzed or brain damaged motorcycle rider or passenger faced with huge medical bills, long term impairment and disability.

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The insurance company always wants to say severe injuries are the cyclists fault. He or she was speeding and “came out of nowhere” is an insurance adjuster’s refrain. When in fact the serious injury is caused by the distracted driver who is spending time texting as he or she drives down the road. Or, in a hurry, the car driver just does not look and pulls into the path of the law-abiding motorcycle rider. Real-world experience develops an appreciation of those risks and hazards that cannot be learned in a classroom.

We at Reese and Reese Attorneys, P.C. have the ability to network with law firms throughout our great country. Wherever you suffer a motorcycle crash because of the careless truck or car driver we have the ability to provide the personal legal services necessary to win the case and get the money for you that you need to live your life, pay your medical bills and obtain the rehabilitation needed to return back to normal. Knowledge of what facts to look for in order to achieve success for motorcycle crash victims is tempered on the anvil of real-world motorcycle riding experience.

Photo Insert Neville in New Mexico while riding his motorcycle near the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument. A really great motorcycle road from Silver City to Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument. Be ready for some twisties and great views.